Spiritual Depression

In this article, I’m going to tread dangerously close to a religious conversation.

I’m not here to tell you what to believe (or whether to believe anything).

However, one thing we can definitely agree on is the fact that, in order for me to be writing this and for you to be reading this, we’re both alive. Life pulses through our veins. It expands and contracts our lungs.

Life is within us, is us, has us. And when we become disconnected from the Source of Life inside us, depression naturally results.

How to Cultivate Connection with Your Source

Every spiritual practice under the sun aims to bond you more closely with Source.

For our purposes, let’s stay away from specific techniques and instead look at how simple shifts in perspective can root us more deeply in the truth at the center of our being.

Let Gratitude be our guide.

Everything you have, everything you’ve ever consumed in your life came from outside of you. Every atom of oxygen, every morsel of food, every drop of water–all of it, everything was provided to you by other people and, ultimately, the Universe.

Give thanks for this. Give thanks for everything you can think to give thanks for. Crank your gratitude quotient up to supernatural levels–even if, and perhaps particularly if, you aren’t quite sure what or whom you’re thanking.

I think of the Source of Life like it’s extending a huge high five out in the air above us. And if we take the initiative to rare back and reach up with our arm outstretched in gratitude, Source is right there ready to greet us.

Build a Fire In Your Heart

Have you ever tried to start a big fire using only matches, dried leaves, a little kindling and some nice fat logs?

To reach a bonfire, you have to start small my lighting a few leaves and tiny twigs. Little by little, once you get a tiny little fire started, you can add slightly larger twigs and then some small sticks. If you’re patient, and if you keep paying lots of attention to your baby fire, you can grow it up to where it can spark the larger logs into flame.

Growing a fire from nothing takes time, attention, patience and care.

Your heart is a fireplace where you can light love ablaze. But you have to apply those same attributes to the process of getting that Love to burn bright in your chest. Love thrives on the kindling of kindness, thoughtfulness, tenderness and patience. If you don’t initially feel anything where your heart should be there in the middle of your chest, keep giving it positive attention.

You can absolutely build your connection to Source through cultivating the fire of Love right where your heart resides in your body.

Meditation, prayer, contemplation–all the great transformative practices can put you in greater touch with your heart. I recommend you explore these practices and discover something that works for you.

Disconnection Leads to Depression

Feeling depressed is feedback provided by your body-mind that tells you something is amiss. If you find yourself feeling depressed, then you’ve been tasked with the challenge of identifying the root causes for your depressed feelings.

Disconnection from the Source of your life will eventually manifest as depression. Life throbs within you. It is always there. If you lose it, it’ll let you know. It might whisper gently to you at first. If you don’t heed its subtle clues, the feelings of disconnection will increase in intensity until you’ve landed in a fully depressed state.

There are many ways to regain your connection to that wellspring of energy within. From following a healthy diet to exercising, practicing meditation, giving service to those in need–there are many different ways you can reestablish your connection to Source if you feel like you’ve lost it.

The important thing is to recognize that the connection exists and that it is there to guide and support you as you make your way through your life.

2 Responses to Spiritual Depression
  1. Nadia
    February 13, 2012 | 12:37 am

    I agree with this, I believe that there are many elements that effect our anxiety and depression. I connection with God is a big factor and being grateful for what we already have is very true!
    I love your site. Your kindness and dedication to helping people is very rare.
    Thanks for creating this site.

    • Editor
      February 18, 2012 | 5:57 pm

      Thanks for taking the time to share, Nadia.
      I appreciate it!
      And thanks for your kind words…I really believe that helping each other out and extending a hand is part of what will cure not only ourselves, but also the world. So pass it on, heal yourself and help heal others around you…
      I’m really grateful that this site helped you out in any way, feel free to share anything that has worked well for you.

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