How to Deal With Depression

You’re here because you have some sort of interest in treating depression naturally. Whether you yourself are suffering currently from depression, or whether you know someone who is fighting against it, you’re here because you want information on how you can combat depression using natural means.

I created this site out of my own experience dealing with–and vanquishing–depression in my life.

I want to share everything I’ve learned about healing depression naturally with you.

When it comes to how to deal with depression, there’s a lot to go over. I’m going to keep this simple and discuss some of the most important things I learned in my fight against depression. These are tactics and strategies you can implement immediately right this very now to confront depression in your life.

How to Deal With Depression

Feel What You Feel

The more I learned about how my depressive feelings worked to drag me down, the more I realized that the most important thing we each can do in the face of a sudden onrush of depressive feelings is to stop, relax and feel them completely.

By feeling your feelings, you’ll discover something surprising (and relieving): depressive feelings go away. They don’t last forever. And if you just let them roll in and wash over you, they quickly disappear and leave you feeling very much alive.

I first learned this lesson when I was attending a vipassana meditation retreat. Part of the process of vipassana meditation is exploring the body by scanning it up and down. That’s the meditation–watch the body from head to toe slowly and attentively.
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During the retreat, we were sitting for an hour at a time (and sometimes longer). All told, we spent upwards of 8 to 10 hours sitting in meditation for almost 10 days.

That much sitting is bound to lead to some physical pains. My back and knees begged for mercy, and within the meditations I would scan across the pain in my back and then come around to the extremely sharp pain in my right knee.

According to the usual cultural conditioning we receive to flinch and shy away from pain, I would have raced to stop the pain by standing up, stretching and stopping all this meditation business. But that’s not how the meditation retreat worked.

We had to sit there and face the pain.

Here’s the lesson that came as I kept watching and probing the pain in my knee: it wasn’t so bad after all. This thing I was so scared of experiencing was much less of a threat than I’d at first assumed.

And, ultimately, that’s how all feelings are.

Feelings are energy.

They don’t last forever.

But if you resist them and refuse to feel them, then they can build and build behind that wall of resistance until it feels like they’re going to drown and destroy you forever.

Particularly when you’re feeling depressed, the last thing you probably want to do is fully submit to and sit there feeling all of your feelings. But you MUST.

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Feel Your Feelings to Deal with Depression

Could it be that simple?

Well, there are many other things you can do to deal with (and cure yourself of) depression.

However, feeling your feelings is the foundation of every single natural cure for depression.

But how do you feel your feelings?

I know it maybe sounds silly to ask that question, but for many people (particularly many people who suffer from depression) it’s a legitimate question: how do you feel? We grow so accustomed to repressing or dodging our feelings that we forget how easy and straightforward it is to feel.How to Deal With DepressionTrees_and_Shrubs_g75-Deep_Forest_p9475

If you’re feeling numb, then that’s a feeling. Just feel it.

If you allow the numbness to be there and you just sit in your body and feel what that numbness feels like, eventually the numbness will morph into something else.

All feeling ultimately originates in your body. Feeling is a bodily experience. So as you attempt to feel your feelings fully, feel them within the context of your body.

Here’s a good exercise for starting to feel your feelings fully: survey your entire body from the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet. Notice any tightness, soreness, throbbing, warm areas or any other notable sensations. Wherever you find the most noticeable sensation, take your attention there. And just feel whatever that sensation is.

What starts as a tightness in your chest might quickly reveal itself to be sadness or anxiety.

And as you stay with that feeling–which is ultimately just a sensation moving through the cells in a certain part of your body–the feeling will change and evolve. Sadness often jumps into joy and back into sadness. It’s normal to feel. We just need to remember how sometimes.

Here’s a great book I’m sharing with you that was extremely helpful to me in learning about emotions, how they felt in the body, what they mean, where they come from and much more.

The Language of Emotions BookThe Language of Emotions
Basically I owe a lot to this book, it really did teach me much about the nature of feelings, I really highly recommend it, it’s one of the best I’ve read on emotional intelligence.


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The Hardest Part of Dealing with Depression

Here’s the hardest part of dealing with depression: it’s a daily, moment-by-moment process. It’s a lot like sobriety in that way–for the recovering alcoholic, every moment involves the choice to drink or not to drink. And if you’re currently suffering with depression, then dealing with depression involves choices every second of every day, at least for a while.

But what if you don’t make those choices? What if you don’t stand up to the heaviness of the depressive feelings that threaten to drag you down?

Failure is not an option.

If you want to succeed in not only dealing with but completely vanquishing your depression, then you need to adopt the mindset of a ferocious warrior. You can grant the depressive thoughts and feelings no quarter. You can’t run from them. You must confront them. Feel the feelings fully as they arise. Feel all the sadness, all the anger, all the pain. And when the thoughts of your worthlessness arise, rise up against them and assert the truth of your inherent goodness, beauty and worthiness.

Dealing Isn’t Enough

I don’t want you to merely “deal” with depression. I want you to cut depression down to size. I want you to prevail. I want you to heal and cure your depressive feelings totally and completely.

This site presents many different approaches you can take to heal your depression naturally. Check out every last article here and then apply what you learn.

But most of all, remember: you’re in a fight for your life. In order to win, you need to show up with everything you’ve got. You need to become a mighty warrior willing to feeling every last drop of pain and fear.

You absolutely can do this.Dealing With Depression Other_g374-Silhouette_Of_A_Man__p28011

So please do it.

The world needs warriors that recognize the true battles are all inner ones.