Natural Depression Treatment: Here’s How You Can Heal Your Depression Naturally

Usually, if you walk into a run-of-the-mill psychologist’s office with symptom of depression, there’s a good chance that you’ll be leaving with a bagful of anti-depressants.

The entire distinction between natural and non-natural cures for depression hinges around the distinction between taking anti-depressants vs. taking other things like healthy food, exercise, various therapeutic approaches and spiritual practices.

So let’s talk about anti-depressants for a moment.

Because if you’re here reading this site, then you very likely have experience trying to find a way to actually cure your depression naturally through the mainstream medical system. And chances are, you weren’t able to find the actual cures for depression that you wanted to find.

Anti-depressants do not cure depression. They treat the symptoms. They take the edge off of the challenging feelings that sometimes threaten to swamp those who suffer from depression.

When you sign up for anti-depressants, you’re effectively signing up to take a pill on a daily basis for a prolonged period of time. Whether there’s a point in the future when you’ll be able to wean yourself off of the anti-depressants or not depends on your particular situation and the psychiatrist you’re working with.

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However, by and large, anti-depressants put a band-aid on the deeper problems that give rise to the symptoms of depression.

So, anti-depressants aren’t a cure for depression.

Is there a cure for depression? Is there a natural cure?

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FIve Quick Pointers Regarding Natural Cures for Depression

  1. Natural Cures Aren’t Magic Bullets – Every natural cure I know of takes time to implement. It takes time for its impact to show. And so, patience is your virtue. Apply the natural approaches to curing depression every day for a while and tell me you don’t feel better.
  2. Natural Cures Involve Major Lifestyle Changes – Taking a pill is easy. Making a lifestyle change is hard. Recognize that depression arises out of a combination of factors, many of which are bad habits that you’ll need to change to heal yourself of depression.
  3. To Cure Depression Naturally, Adopt a Multi-pronged Strategy – Any single strategy for healing depression naturally can work well. But to make serious progress in letting go of depression, adopt several different methods simultaneously. Change your diet, exercise, meditate, do community service–pile the new healthy habits on and stay on the offensive well past the point when your depression disappears.
  4. You Are Responsible – Depression often involves feelings of powerlessness. You’re powerless against the feelings of depression. You’re powerless against whatever happened to you to cause you to be depressed. If you’re serious about actually curing your depression, then you need to take full responsibility for all of it, embrace depression as the best learning opportunity you’ve ever encountered and get on with obliterating depression from your life. No one else can do it for you–you are responsible.
  5. Curing Depression Naturally is Way More Fun Than Staying Depressed – Depression is hard work. It doesn’t just happen. However, the hard work of depression leads to feelings of uselessness, worthlessness and powerlessness. What’s fun about any of that? Fortunately, healing depression naturally is a whole lot more fun than suffering from depression. As hard as it may be to get in shape, learn new things, develop new habits and fight your way out of whatever deep depressive hole you’ve tumbled into, the process of curing depression naturally is way more fun than staying depressed.

The Major Pillars of Treating Depression Naturally

Humans are complex. Depression involves many different factors all tangled up in one big unhappy knot.Natural Cures for Depression breathe by _esse_

There are approaches to healing depression naturally that attack the problem of depression from every imaginable angle. Start where you sense you’ll get the most immediate benefit and go on from there. I’m just going to list a few of the most important areas you can focus on at first as you get started combating depression with natural methods. Each link takes you to a page where you can learn lots more.

Within each of those major areas, there are many different options and variations for how you can adopt your particular life situation and interests to a program of healing depression naturally.

As you get started, think of healing depression like changing habits.

Various studies state that it takes 21 consecutive days to form a new habit. (I suspect that the 21-day number varies depending on the particular habit being changed and the person attempting to do the changing.)

Recognize that it’s easier to change a single habit at a time, so don’t set yourself up for failure by trying to change absolutely everything about your life all at once.

Tackle one major area and implement one major change. Stay on top of this change for 21 days, and then move on to the next one.

I can tell you from personal experience that I’m much less successful at changing habits when I try to change multiple habits all at once. Not that the challenge isn’t worth it, but if you’re really concerned about successfully treating depression using natural cures, then you’ll want to start out changing one important habit at a time.

What kind of habits most readily lead to (or away from) feeling depressed? Here are a few that I’ve found to be extremely important:

  • Eating Healthily
  • Exercising Regularly
  • Meditating
  • Proactively Feeling and Focusing On Gratitude
  • Saving Rather Than Spending

Those are just some of the habits that have worked for me. When I stray from that set of core habits, the temptation to feel depressed is never far behind.Natural Cures for Depression Coastal_And_Oceans_g117-Observers_p15644

Your Natural Cure Will Be Unique to You

Here’s one of the main reasons why the natural cures for depression haven’t gained much traction with the mainstream psychological establishment: every cure is unique.

I can’t standardize and stamp out one simple painless effortless natural cure for depression like a pharmaceutical company can stamp out millions of anti-depressant pills.

The unique slant for every natural cure for depression is a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because you get to craft your life creatively and solve whatever problems and challenges you have that manifest as depression. It’s a curse because, of course, you can only look outside of yourself for ideas and guidance; the actual work of curing depression naturally falls directly on your shoulders.

However, there are some interesting programs out there that you can check out for ideas on how you can go about healing your depression naturally.

Here are a few books and programs that I highly recommend:

End Your Depression is a treatment program built upon the graduate research of Cecil Ellis, a 20-year depression sufferer whose solution has helped hundreds. The method he uses is absolutely natural.

You Can Heal Your Depression Now is another digital book that discusses various strategies you can use to heal depression naturally. This book’s author, Gwynne Curry, fought a 30-year battle with depression before finally putting together her own strategy of natural approaches to cure depression. If you take what you’re learning from this site and combine it with some of Gwynne’s approaches, you have a fantastic platform for healing your depression naturally.

Psycho-cybernetics by Maxwell MaltzPsycho-cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz is an excellent book that has been teaching millions of readers how to enhance and strengthen their self-image. It’s a classic in the self-help field, but what makes it particularly fascinating is the fact that Mr. Maltz was a successful plastic surgeon. He noticed a phenomenon whereby his patients would often experience little relief from unwanted negative feelings about themselves after a successful plastic surgery procedure. This book presents the solutions Maltz developed for helping people improve their self-image and experience true happiness. A classic.

The Depression Free Method is a method that teaches you to get out of the cycle of depression, unlearning the patterns that take you towards depression, and learning how to induce happiness and contentment. This is a step-by-step coaching program that takes you from depression towards healing it forever. It’s a book and dvd plus two ebooks that cover everything from your mindset to insomnia relief.
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