ST. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort is not only a pretty flower, it’s also a potent healer. You will see St. John’s wort in most natural cures against anxiety and depression.

It is one of the most commonly used herbs in the United States and has been long known in most folk remedies against emotional stress or disorders.

It was in fact once thought to expel evil spirits residing in the body!

The reason for this is that it actually works wonders with mild symptoms of anxiety and in the early stages of depression.

St. John’s wort can be obtained without a prescription at most health food stores, drug stores, and online and is therefore an easy and accessible natural treatment.
The one I personally use is from Botanic Choice, mostly because I really trust the Botanic Choice company for having high-quality natural products, and also because they’ve been around since 1910, which in my books means they’re doing something right.

It can be taken in capsule form, tablets, tea or liquid extract, and it usually takes four to six weeks to notice the full effects.

St John's wort Natural Cures for Depression

There seems to be ongoing debates about what the active ingredient in St. John’s wort is, although the widespread belief is that hypericin is the main active compound, followed by hyperforin, flavonoids and tannings.

I would advise you to check with your doctor before starting this herb as it has been shown to reduce the effects of other drugs, including birth control. St. John’s Wort also increases photosensitivity, so you should be cautious and take extra care to protect your eyes and skin from sunlight.

St John's Wort by Lynnette Henderson

If you are pregnant or are nursing it is not recommended you take St. John’s Wort. People with bipolar disorder, kidney or liver disease should check with their doctor before trying this herbal cure out.

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