Depression and EFT Method

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is a system of healing that focuses on reducing the stress that underlies diseases, disorders, addictions and compulsions.

More commonly known as “tapping” it has proven successful in many scientific studies, and has shown itself to work on a variety of health issues, psychological problems and performance issues; even on those people that have been resistant to other methods.

The EFT Method might not be something you have heard about, but it’s very effective and growing in popularity.

The list of things that it can treat is very long, but it includes: all emotional issues, pain management, weight loss, vision, allergies, panic attacks, anxiety, claustrophobia, smoking, sports and other performance…and many, many more.

In fact, the list is so long and so varied that it can be surprising that such a simple method can cure so many things.

But it does.

Here’s a short video introducing EFT and how it can help you. I like the series of video created by, they are all in the same simple format, easy to follow and they offer a big variety of ‘subjects’ to tap on.

EFT is actually brilliant in its simplicity. There are therapists that will charge you and do it with you, but I’ve found that you can easily do it on your own. Once you learn it you can do it by yourself anywhere and anytime (providing no one is watching, as it might look pretty strange!)

You don’t need a lot of training, and you certainly don’t need to spend a lot of money to experience EFT, you can actually get started right now if you have a few minutes.

Here’s another video that targets tapping against depression in particular. Try it out- give yourself a week with tapping, and see the results for yourself. Experiment with tapping every time that negative emotions come up, and see how you feel afterwards.

There are also sites like the Center for Energy Psychotherapy that have a variety of self-care programs targeting specific problems such as Stress or Attracting Abundance. Click here to go to the Center for Energy Psychotherapy