Depression and Acupuncture

Over the years I have gotten acupuncture treatments for various symptoms. From the first time I ever heard about acupuncture I was curious about it and wanted to learn more. The entire philosophy behind it just makes sense to me. The idea that there is a natural balance in the body, that there are meridians and pressure points in the body, and that the flow of energy in the body is what causes it to be in health or not just resonates as sensible and true.

My first experience with acupuncture was about six years ago when I was having bad stomach troubles and not sleeping too well. The stomach troubles didn’t seem to be related to anything, although I suspected that stress was the common denominator between the symptoms I was feeling.

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The consultation was about a half hour, at least 20 minutes of which were the doctor asking me questions, and the other ten checking my pulse tongue and eyes. I really felt that the doctor was way more thorough than the traditional western doctors.

The treatment he prescribed was a set of six acupuncture treatments over three weeks. I was a little bit worried that the needles would hurt, but I didn’t feel most of them at all, and the ones that I did feel were more like a tiny electrical buzz on my skin rather than a poke. Most of the times I would leave my session feeling deeply relaxed, and a couple of times I left feeling drowsy. By the end of the three weeks my stomach felt completely cured, and I was sleeping much better, although I continued the sessions for another two weeks until I felt totally back to normal.

Since then I have pretty much been a complete believer in the power of acupuncture to treat all my ills. I hate popping pills so when I was getting migrane headaches that wouldn’t go away I tried acupuncture.

It worked.

Granted, it takes time, it’s not the quick-fix that pills provide, but it does provide the real and long-lasting results that I was looking for.

Acupuncture for Depression by Photography by Robbie
Acupuncture also worked wonders on me a couple of years ago when I was feeling physically drained, fatigued, and with very low energy. The doctor also gave me some herbs to boil and drink for the duration of the treatment (which stank in a powerful way, and tasted even worse!).

So I decided to try acupuncture and Chinese Medicine the next time depression hit me and see if that was a valid way to fight it off.

Traditional Chinese Medicine actually doesn’t recognize depression as a particular illness on its own, but instead aims to treat the symptoms of depression. Each one of us feels the symptoms in a different way or feels a different combination of symptoms, so Chinese Medicine works with your individual condition.

Here’s a short video I found that explains a little bit about this.


That will usually mean a series of acupuncture treatments along with Chinese herbal remedies to treat the particular symptoms that you are feeling. Sometimes they also recommend massage and energetic exercises to really move the energy and restore the imbalances in your body.

Here’s another short video I wanted to share with you that tells you the basics of how acupuncture works.


How long the treatments will take to work will differ; depending on how deeply you are feeling your symptoms, also on how your body reacts, and what else you are doing in conjunction with the acupuncture treatments.

Based on my experience, I highly recommend consulting with a Chinese Medicine doctor and going through a treatment.

But, I think the best way to use these treatments is in conjunction with other things such as exercise, meditation, positive affirmations and visualization.

The only down side to a treatment is that sometimes its not cheap. But then neither is taking a lot of medication. Personally, I’m much more inclined to spend a little bit more money on healing in a natural and holistic way than taking a bunch of medicine.