Depression and Self-Help

Many natural cures for depression are readily available within the self-help movement. Books, videos and audio recordings contain a huge variety of teachings and techniques that anyone can use effectively to treat and even cure depression naturally.

Here are some of the most effective teachings contained within the self-help arena if you are looking to cure depression naturally:

I first encountered the field of self-help (consciously, anyway) when I was 16. A professor at a college where I had been lucky enough to study for a summer session put me in contact with Anthony Robbins’ audio program Personal Power. I listened to the program, applied a lot of what I heard and reaped positive results.

From that point on, I’ve remained very open to learning from all angles including various teachings from within the self-help field.

There is a real danger in becoming addicted to the next big thing when you start getting interested in self-help.

It’s far better to stick with something until you’ve fully learned it and integrated it into your life.

This is my advice to you: pick a book or teaching that appeals to you and then apply it in your life as best as you can. Don’t just read a bunch of books–apply what you learn.

Take action on the new ideas!

Change your life through your own actions, and use self-help materials to support your transformation.

I’d be remiss, though, if I didn’t share a few of my personal favorite books from the self-help field. These books have been instrumental in helping me move past depression and into living more fully and joyously:

Psycho-cybernetics by Maxwell MaltzPsycho-cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz is an excellent book that addresses the self-image and how to cultivate a very positive one. Maltz noticed the connection between a person’s self-image and their happiness and effectiveness in life through his work as a plastic surgeon. This is a great and useful book.

The Magic of Thinking BigThe Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz is another classic in the self-help field. This book focuses more on achieving success, but the lessons apply completely to the process of ridding oneself of depression.

There are many other books I could list out, but these two really are at the top of my list of the best of the best. Check them out and apply the lessons they contain!