Depression and Visualization

The mind and the imagination are potent healers that have long been overlooked by Western medicine. The power of the mind to influence the body is more than remarkable.

Imagery is the most basic and rudimentary language we have. Everything you do, the mind first processes through images. Think back to any experience you’ve had, recently or long ago, and it will first come to you in images, sounds, or smells. You will hardly ever recall an event through words.

Think for example, of a cool gentle breeze on your face, lifting your hair up off the back of your neck, and carrying with it the salty smell of the beach.

Depression and Visualization sea gazing  by Palmsgb

Or perhaps of holding a juicy mango, and seeing its juices running down the sides of your hand, smelling the sweet mango deliciousness before you bring it up to your mouth to bite.

Depression and Visualization Mangoes by Kirti Poddar

Imagery is the language that your mind uses to communicate with your body. It is the biological connection between the mind and body, and this is what makes it extremely useful in mind-body healing.

Unfortunately, we mostly use negative imagery in our daily life, which includes negative images popping up unwanted at any time of the day, bringing us to worry or anxiety. In fact, worry is the most common type of imagery. And the statistics are quite surprising.

Visualization and Depression art by Rock Star2005

It is estimated that the average person has 10,000 thoughts or images flashing through their minds every day. At least half of these images and thoughts are negative. That is a lot of internal stress and anxiety! A sure and steady dose of worry and other negative images that can not only alter your physiology but make you much more prone and susceptible to a variety of ailments, ranging from acne to headaches, ulcers to urinary tract infections…and many more.

Your thoughts are going to directly affect your emotions.

Fantasy by ppisces17 Depression and Visualization

The images in your mind are going to influence the way you feel about yourself, your present circumstances, and your life in general. In fact, the images you hold in your mind for a long period of time are going to form you life, transform your future! It is no joke when you hear that you should be careful what you think about!

If you can learn to direct and control the images in your head you can learn to heal yourself.

If you learn to use your imagination in a focused and positive way you have a tremendous and powerful force at your disposal.

And here’s the best part of it: Anyone can do it!

Depression and Visualization Fantasy World by Ron Bizzle Jr

You can absolutely learn how to do this, and it does not take that long to see the results.

A study at Yale University demonstrated that patients suffering from severe depression were helped by imagining scenes in which they were praised by people they admired- a clear boost to their self-esteem.

Most proponents of visualization suggest practicing positive visualization, or guided imagery for 15 to 20 minutes a day. Once you become more skilled at holding the picture in your mind in a detailed and powerful way you can shift to doing it for just a few minutes at a time as needed throughout the day.

Click here for a guided visualization to help feelings of anxiety, lie down, relax, and take a few minutes to really experience this meditation.

Depression and Visualization Fantasy Flower Wallpaper by Farazsiyal

I’ve put a couple of the dvd’s that I like to use in the books & dvd area, I recommend first thing in the morning, as you wake up, have the Good Morning dvd ready to play. It’s a sure way to at least combat the negative emotions that can assault you when you wake up.

Another DVD that I like for its nature visualizations and sounds is this one. I find the woman’s voice soothing and the background sounds very conducive to visualizing the images that she takes you through.

ELUV Visualization DVD .170x170-75Letting Go – Meditation and Guided Visualization
I’ve found that visualizations work for me on many levels; they definitely lift my mood, but they also relax me in a way that nothing else does. I enjoy the journeys in my mind to beautiful places and benefit hugely from actively flexing my ‘imagination muscle’.

You can check out some more info on guided imagery by clicking here.