Depression and Positive Affirmations

If I’m feeling down, or depression is setting in I only have to take a look at my thoughts and I find a mad activity of negative thoughts that only multiply the feelings of hopelessness, sadness and despair.

There is no doubt about it that thoughts affect emotions and vice versa. It’s kind of like the chicken and the egg dilemma, which comes first?

The important thing is that if you can catch your negative thoughts and change them into positive ones you can change your emotions, or at least stop them from spiraling downwards and out of control.

Depression and Positive Affirmations Sea fantasy by FotoBlu

Yes, it sounds easier said than done, but if you arm yourself with tools that can help you get into a more positive state of mind, then when the negativity starts to set in, you are far more likely to beat it.

Affirmations are similar to visualizations: The repeated words that you use build images and scenes in your mind, and the frequent repetition of them makes your subconscious mind accept them, influencing the way you think, act, and behave.

Creative Affirmation for Depression Painting by goldenpaws
Positive affirmations are positive sentences or words that you repeat (or listen to) many times inorder to fix them into your subconscious mind and trigger it into action. These sentences describe a situation or a feeling that we desire to happen, and by repeating them many times, with conviction, attention and feeling we get our brains to believe it.

We are actually doing this all the time anyways, but mostly in a negative manner. More often than not people are repeating negative thoughts, negative sentences and words to themselves throughout the day. And since affirmations work both way, in a constructive and also destructive manner, they consequently bring undesirable situations upon themselves.

I only started using positive affirmations a couple of years ago, when I was going through a very emotional time. My relationship of many years was breaking up and I was feeling kind of desperate. A friend gave me the book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and a CD that was purely positive affirmations, which I’m sharing below.

Positive Affirmations and DepressionI Can Do It: How to Use Affirmations to Change Your Life
For an entire week I played this CD in my car and on my i-pod while I was exercising. I went so far as putting it on at night and leaving it playing throughout the night, thinking that it would subliminally infuse me with positive thoughts!



Louise Hay You Can Heal Your LifeYou Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.
This DVD is an extended version that includes four hours of bonus material. It also includes 60 minutes of Interactive Teaching Affirmations and is directed by Emmy award winner Michael Goorjaian. A great resource to turn to, anytime.

What it did is show me the importance of talking in a loving and positive manner to myself.

Louise is in her 70′s and an amazing woman who has inspired me with her vast accomplishments. In her book she talks about how she took up yoga lately and how she is always expanding her horizons. Her strength and constant positive growth inspired me and helped to get me out of my deep funk and working towards my own growth, beginning by talking to myself in an encouraging and supportive manner.

I truly think that any holistic cure begins with and is supported by positive thinking and affirmations.

It can’t be any other way.

We can’t be trying to heal ourselves of  depression or anything else all the while saying negative and harmful things to ourselves in our minds! Affirmative thoughts, loving thoughts, forgiving thoughts, all these will carry us towards health and growth and a better self.

So keep a watchful eye on your inner dialogue, and get some supportive tools if you realize that you’re being less than loving with yourself.

Positive Affirmations for Depression My Own Self Worth by iheartnaartjie