Depression and Breathing

Show me someone who’s feeling depressed, and I’ll show you someone who’s breathing shallowly.

The breath keeps you alive.

The oxygen comes into your lungs.

Your blood receives the oxygen and carries it through your veins to every part of your body. If you breathe shallowly, you will literally have less life in your veins.

Breathe more deeply to feel more alive.

If You’re Depressed, Then It’s Time You Started Taking Your Breath More Seriously

Breathe Deep for Depression by Transguyjay

There are many natural approaches a depressed person can take to begin curing depression.

Out of all the possible methods and approaches out there, nothing is as easy or immediate as breathing more deeply and attentively.

This is so simple, you’re likely to skip it. Surely something as simple as breathing deeply can’t cure a debilitating illness like depression, can it?

Natural Cures for Depression Breathe by Bascom Hogue

Now, I’m not saying that breathing on its own is sufficient to cure depression. And I’m also not saying that putting more awareness on taking full, deep breaths is going to help everyone who has symptoms of depression. Depression is a huge and mysterious illness, and there are many forms of it that are truly debilitating.

However, in every case, it makes sense to put more attention on the breath. No matter where you’re coming from, whether you’re currently depressed or not, whether you consider yourself totally healthy or perhaps struggling with depression, it just makes sense to reconnect to your breathing on a regular basis.

Here’s a video on a great breathing technique that is extremely easy to do- it’s called Anulom Vilom. It’s an important part of yoga and meditation and is said to have innumerable benefits, including calming the mind and bringing maximum amount of oxigen to the brain. I won’t include the list of benefits, you can check it out at this link, but it’s quite surprising!

Breathing Made Simple

Have you ever heard of proportional breathing? That’s when you breathe in as long and deeply as you can.

Fill your lungs completely. Expand your belly and get every possible molecule of oxygen into your lungs.Breathing and Depression breath by twentymindsomething

However long it took you to breathe in that breath, hold all that air in your lungs four times as long.

Just sit there and allow all that fresh air to oxygenate your system completely. Once you’ve held the breath in for four times as long as your in-breath, exhale every last molecule of air back out of your lungs.

Breathe out for twice as long as you breathed in.

All told, that makes a ratio of 1:4:2 for breathing in, holding the air in your lungs and then exhaling.

Do that breath ten times in a row.

Do that three times every day morning noon and night. Notice how you feel after you breathe in those proportions ten times in a row.

If you’re ready to take things to another level here’s a breathing technique that is called the most powerful one in meditation, one which is great for health and immune system, its also supposed to solve blockages in your energetic body and encourage the flow of energy through your system.

Your Breath Connects You to Life

We all have habits of breathing. Most of us never really think about our breath. It’s always there sustaining us and supporting us. But how often do we stop and really focus on our breath? Not too often.

If you’re looking for a natural cure for depression, then I strongly recommend that you begin with your breath. Reform your entire relationship to breathing.Breathing and Depression Yellows_and_Oranges_g327-Mimose_p12306

There are many ways you can cultivate a new and deeper relationship with your breath.

One of the simplest is for you to become more and more aware of the intake of energy that enters your body along with the air you breathe. Remember, breath is life.

Feel the energy of life as it flows into your lungs.

You can imagine your breath as consisting of jet fuel for your body. Every breath brings in a new shipment of high-octane fuel you can use to live your life.

In order to develop a new relationship with your breath, you’re going to have to remind yourself over and over and over again. New habits take time, patience and persistence. But if you want to cure your depression naturally, the breath is one of the most important weapons in your arsenal.

Breathe fully. Breathe deeply. Oxygenate your body. Feel the energy you breathe in with your breath. Expand your lungs, invite in life and add in other natural methods that combat depression.

Take a few minutes and check out this video on yogic breathing.